Post Election Musings by Guest Contibutor Ron Burch

Election Day has come and gone. And as is always the case, there are winners and losers. I’m in the latter group … sold down the river for food stamps, cheap health insurance, a cell phone and a monthly supply of condoms or birth control pills.

It’s a sad, sad day.

As I think about it, I can’t help but wonder what has happened to our country: when did Americans lose all perspective on what it means to be an American? Have we lost all of our scruples? All of our values? Swapped ‘em both for a pocketful of false political promises?  Even in 2008 it was difficult for me to understand why a majority of Americans voted as they did. I reasoned that for some, it was the idea of the first black President – a handsome, articulate man preaching the gospel of ‘Hope and Change.’ Such a whimsical notion was scary to me, especially in a world precariously balanced between economic chaos and the chaotic acts of Islamic terrorists.

I had done my research. I knew about Obama’s good friend Bill Ayers, a convicted terrorist whose only regret was that he didn’t kill more Americans. I knew about Reverend Wright, Obama’s ‘Spiritual Mentor,’ and the preacher who baptized his children. (Oh yeah, he’s also the same guy who condemned America by saying “…no, not ‘God Bless America, …God Damn America.’) He blamed this country for the 9/11 attacks saying that “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.

I knew that Obama had zero experience as a businessman … no understanding of economics whatsoever. He was a community organizer from the south side of Chicago who became an absentee Senator; one who had spent most of his Senatorial career campaigning for President. There were so many things so wrong with him I couldn’t imagine a fictional dimension where electing Barack Obama wouldn’t be the worst thing that could ever happen to America.

Still, I understood that the U.S. had a distant history of slavery and a less distant history of racism. As opposed to Obama as I was, a tiny part of me was proud that I lived in a country that in my lifetime had gone from segregation to electing a black President. Not just any black man, mind you, one that could read from a teleprompter and speak with such confidence and enthusiasm he could literally charm the panties off a Nun – no wait, that was Bill Clinton, another democrat! Regardless, in recognition of the man’s gift of gab, I told many of my Liberal friends that I secretly wished the GOP had someone who could articulate a vision as well as this guy could. The only problem was I knew that everything he said was BS, and I couldn’t convince anyone else of that reality.

So, at the end of the day, I gave the general population the benefit of the doubt. Most of them were not as informed as I was. The President was energizing, especially to the young. People had heard what the mainstream media wanted them to hear and most of them hadn’t taken the time to research the validity of their rhetoric and out their lies. With no other option, I tolerated more than 1,400 days of this President frequent dishonesty … his foreign policy embarrassments, economic devastation and giant steps towards Socialism that will redefine America longer than I will be alive … even if I break the Guinness Records.

The President demanded $800 billion in stimulus money insisting that if he got it, America would never rise above 8% unemployment. If he didn’t, it would be a disaster. Unemployment stayed at more than 8% in excess of 44 months. He said he would halve the deficit and he doubled it; he said he would lower the debt; it rose more than every President before him combined to $16 Trillion. (I remember a time when the idea of a trillion anything was pure science fiction.)

Then there was the Benghazi disaster … people who get all their news from Brian Wilson, Dianne Sawyer, Scott Pelley or Wolfe Blitzer still don’t know what an extraordinarily profound scandal this is. God’s honest truth, other than killing Osama Bin Laden (which has much less to do with Obama than almost everyone realizes), I literally could not think of one single reason to vote for Obama.

After four years I thought that everyone would finally see what I’ve seen. As 2012 rolled around, at last there would be a rising of the American ideology that created this great nation. Until Obama was declared the winner, I couldn’t imagine a scenario where Romney wouldn’t run the table.

We live in a world where there is more communication, more access to information than was available to any generation in the history of humankind. I can only assume that the new social media is mired deeply in the youth who don’t yet understand the destruction they inspire. Winston Churchill once stated, “If you’re in your 20’s and not a Liberal, you have no heart. If you’re in your 30’s and aren’t Conservative, you have no brain.” The young advocates of the new social media need to develop a brain. Sadly, that requires years that I’m not sure we can afford.

It appears that the American voter has become so superficial that they still only see the glitz in this tarnished puppet and they wanted four more years of it. The entire country … perhaps the entire world … will suffer from the choice the ignorant majority made on November 6th in ways that only historians will fully understand … assuming we survive four more years of this President. History will consider for time immemorial what might have been, but will struggle with what Obama imposes upon us and all the ways that he will diminish us.

I, for one, am inconsolable, Mitt Romney is such a good man who truly loves America and wanted to make us great. I curse the ignorant among us even though by definition they don’t realize what they’re doing. Although it’s wrong of me, I’m coming to the point of hating them for their ignorance. Ignorance that is going to cause me and mine to suffer, and for four more years, there’s no way for me to fight back.

The Monday morning quarterbacks will have us pondering if Romney should have pushed Obama’s face into the Benghazi issue; the 100 rounds of golf, the ‘Apology Tour,’ and everything else already mentioned. Americans were warned after the first election, and now they deserve whatever happens next. Unfortunately I’m going to suffer as well, and I knew better.

When I went to bed last night, the electoral votes were evenly split, but it was not looking good for our side. I prayed that God would have the last vote and that the man that eventually went to the White House would be a man of his choosing. When I awoke on November 7th, I learned the bad news. I trust that the man upstairs understands what all of this means and where we are heading. His purpose is beyond me, but tonight I will again pray for the grace to accept it and endure the next four years.

The bad news is that Americans chose a Muslim moron over a devout Mormon. The worse news is now we are all one heartbeat away from Joe Biden becoming the most powerful man on Earth.

May God have mercy on us and may God bless America!