Recently, the President of the United States announced that he will not enforce part of the existing Immigration laws in favor of his own interpretation of how it should work, and is implementing it as an Executive Order. This is a significant overstepping of his authority as POTUS. Taking this step is tantamount to saying, “I don’t like that law, so I’m changing it.” It reminds of that scene in the movie “The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean”, where he repeals a law by tearing its page out of his law book.
My friends, this is how kings operated back in the 1700s and it was one of the things our Constitution was created to avoid. I am amazed that our Congress (both houses and both parties) and our Judiciary Branch are not jumping up and down in anger and indignation. Have they also forgot what they are supposed to do and how they are a check and balance to the Executive Branch?
Don’t misunderstand me – I’m not commenting on whether the approach to immigration is a good idea or not – Republican Senator Marko Rubio has advanced a similar plan. It’s the method POTUS is using that I am concerned about. This is tantamount to a king making his own laws and setting aside his Parliament. This approach wreaks havoc with the economy, because business has no idea what the king will decide to do next. Who will be rewarded with a tax break and who will be punished with a tax hike? Whose livelihood will be declared illegal? The resultant stability of law is one of the great benefits of having a legislative body instead of a single person making all the rules.
But let’s assume that he has pure and angelic motives (wait – this is a politician I’m talking about, right?). It’s the precedence he is setting that is such a slippery slope.
I don’t care if POTUS is a Republic, Democrat, Socialist, Libertarian, or whatever. He/She is not permitted to make their own laws. That is the first step to taking the US back to colonial days, when we had laws passed by a King and Parliament who gave us no representation to the process of creating laws.
If you are an Obama supporter, think of it this way – If you like the Affordable Care Act and it survives the current Constitutional challenge and then Mitt Romney is elected President, do you want him to have the power to set it aside in five minutes with an Executive Order?
This is insanity, my friends. No matter what party you are aligned with, or even if you have no party alignment, you need to be concerned about this. The stability of our way of life is at stake.
If we allow this sort of thing to stand, no matter who the President is, we have effectively exchanged our President of the United States for our King of the United States.
– Saint Leo


2 thoughts on “From POTUS to KOTUS

  1. There have been hundreds of Executive Orders. Why does this one strike the fear that we are becoming a kingdom? The President is not “making his own laws”. His order is a temporary, compassionate measure to protect innocent young people who had no say in being brought to this country.

    As for the Affordable Care Act, in the event the Supreme Court finds it constitutional (highly unlikely) Romney (if elected) will immediately grant waivers to all the states. I don’t have to like it, but I do have to accept it. Many people will be thrilled…..those with cushy employer-sponsored health plans…and those who choose to play healthcare roulette and create a burden on the rest of us….but mostly the grossly uninformed who bought into “Government-Run-Death-Panels” à la Sarah Palin.

  2. Carol, Thanks for responding. I have to give a bit of an apology here, because I commented without checking all my facts. To my knowledge, there is not yet an Executive Order regarding this action. Thank you, Carol, for asking a question that required me to check.
    I do still have a problem with the President choosing not to enforce the law. He does not have the authority to selectively enforce the laws of this country. There’s no doubt in my mind that Congress is generally broken and needs fixing, but failing to uphold the duties of his office is not the way to fix it.
    What he has done may seem compassionate to those folks involved, but it sets a bad precedence. It tells the world that it’s okay to come here illegally – rewarding the folks who came here illegally (by helping their kids) and thumbing its nose at the folks who followed the rules and came here through legal channels. This policy becomes a magnet to draw more illegals. Who wouldn’t want to come here when you can get free healthcare, no taxes, find work, and get forgiven for breaking the law?
    As a Libertarian, I’d like to see free passage into the US, but you shouldn’t get all the benefits of citizenship without becoming a citizen. This policy needs to be balanced by other measures that keep it from being such a magnet and, instead, rewards folks for becoming a citizen and contributing their fair share to paying for all the services that are available.
    Speaking of the Affordable Care Act, I disagree with Romney (or anyone else) granting waivers to the law. Any law that doesn’t apply to everyone is not a good law. That’s a clear case of the Administration picking winners and losers – If your company gets a waiver, your healthcare costs are less, putting you at an unfair advantage over companies that don’t get the waiver. The government shouldn’t be in that business. President Obama shouldn’t have done it, and Romney shouldn’t, either.
    By the way, I do understand the problems of no healthcare. One of my daughters is unemployed and needs serious surgery. She’s 24. For now, she is under my insurance, but probably not for long. The surgery will undoubtedly not be scheduled quick enough for the insurance company to pick it up if the Supreme Court rules against the Act.

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