The New Egypt

Lest there be any illusions about this, Egypt will soon be joining the ranks of the radical Islamist states. We shouldn’t forget that Al Qaeda has its roots in the Muslim Brotherhood.
Egypt controls the Suez Canal, which provides the only pathway from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean. The Canal is of great strategic importance to the US and many other western countries. Interestingly enough, Britain and France once seized the Canal and the US applied pressure to give it back.
I heard this morning that the Brotherhood has so far focused on social issues (moving toward a Sharia law society) rather than Egypt’s significant economic problems. Sounds like the approach of a certain western leader to me.
One clear consequence will be the demise of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. I predict fighting in less than a year. On a different note, some Christians will be talking about the book of Revelations and how these events in Egypt look to them.
According to Google, US aid to Egypt since 1979 averages $2B a year, most of which goes to their military. The result, of course, is that they are better equipped than any Mideast country except Israel. We have yet again armed likely adversaries in an attempt to buy friendship.
How long will we continue to give money to an unfriendly regime? Have we learned nothing? We have pursued this policy for way too long (since 1950-ish). Every time the US attempts to influence the outcome of political situations in other cultures, we increase the animosity and “blowback” that future Administrations have to deal with. When I first heard Ron Paul speak against this policy, I thought he was a dreamy idealist. Today, the number of times he has been right are really stacking up.
Saint Leo


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