Can the GOP Adapt to New Views?

In just a few months, the Republican Party will hold its National Convention and have a golden opportunity to show its character.
Much ado is being made out of the impact that the “Ron Paul Movement” will have on the convention. I call it a movement because it’s becoming clear to me that it is much more than a political campaign.
I’ve heard on many occasions that a church will grow or stagnate, based on it’s ability to engage the young people in its congregation. It doesn’t take a big leap to understand that the same goes for political parties. A political party that doesn’t absorb new ideas and engage new people is doomed for dwindling support and atrophy.
Today, I heard someone who’s a registered Republican refer to the GOP leadership as the GOP Aristocracy. When someone whose thoughts and philosophies line up closely to yours, yet they refer to you with that moniker, you better believe you are not representing those people. Worse, you’re not even reaching them.
Back to the Ron Paul Movement – it’s pretty clear that Dr. Paul will mostly likely not get the GOP nomination, but he will come to the convention in front of many delegates who believe as he does. As he will be the first to admit, these folks are behind the ideas he promotes and if he were to compromise those principles, they would not necessarily follow his lead. Many of the principles this movement is promoting are solid, conservative ideas. The GOP leadership would be wise to embrace them as “brothers and sisters of the faith”.
I’m hearing that many in the GOP are taking steps to nullify or marginalize the delegates that are Paul supporters. I’ve even hear it proposed that the convention should refuse to seat some of the delegates who, by the way, played by the rules all the way to the convention. Are you kidding me?
Wild and crazy as they may be (remember when you were younger and being “wild and crazy” was considered a positive?) – outliers though they may be – this movement is growing among the young and it will be a political force without parallel in the near future. The GOP leadership should remember that you can never stand still. Life is like a river – if you don’t paddle your butt off, you’ll relinquish control to outside influences. Better to be proactive, build bridges, and accept the new blood that runs hot into your organization.



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