Welcome to Liberty Leaking!

After months of responding to stuff we saw on Facebook and trying to elegantly express our thoughts in that medium, we decided to branch out into the blogosphere.
We’re two friends who have maintained a philosophical commonality and, at long last, decided to make our voices heard on a bigger scale. From time to time, we’ll probably feature some guest viewpoints that we think folks would like to hear.
We are basically conservative, though it could be said that we lean toward libertarianism – we want smaller government and better compliance with the US Constitution. We have many friends in the military and wholeheartedly support them as patriotic individuals, but do not always agree with our government’s interference in the foreign affairs of other countries where our national defense is not the objective.
This post will be one of the few that we do jointly – just to kick off the blog.  Most of the time, we’ll post separately since we don’t necessarily agree on everything.
Additionally, we’ll be presenting viewpoints and our personal observations, which don’t require much research or justification.  The reason for this is that we want to reflect what our impressions are and the impressions of the folks we know.  Most Americans don’t do much research into the facts, but react (and vote) based on the general feeling they get from their friends, politicians, business leaders, and the military.  Additionally, there are very few news outlets that can really be considered objective.
We invite your comments, including dissenting viewpoints.  However, inappropriate or insulting comments will be deleted with extreme prejudice. If you disagree and want to support your position, please cite your supporting sources so we can review them –  repeating sound bites does not qualify.
What’s the last thing that we want?  Easy question.  The last thing we want is for folks to think we have all the answers.  It shouldn’t be a news flash to anyone that we don’t.  But we will consider ourselves successful if we get more people thinking about this stuff and talking to others about it.
Talk to your neighbors.  Talk to your kids.  I know this sounds crazy, but talk to your spouse. Post respectfully on Facebook and Google+. Start a blog like we did – it’s really easy.  But don’t sit back and complain that you can’t make a difference. And please, please vote for the candidates that best represent your beliefs on how our country should be run.
In the age of the Internet, everyone can easily get their thoughts out there.  If you’re not sure about your ideas, put them out there as a question – “I heard someone suggest this.  How come this isn’t a good idea?”  If your idea is good, folks will gravitate toward it.  If it has merit, folks will comment and you can refine it.  If it’s a bad idea, someone will point out why and you’ll have a new perspective.  I can’t see anything wrong with that approach.
And so it begins.  We look forward to some meaningful, constructive discussions. Subscribe to our blog “LibertyLeaking” – we look forward to hearing from you.

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